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Summertime, and the living is easy…

Now that exams are almost over, law students are scattering to the four winds for summer jobs, externships, and other great experiences. But what’s going on at the Professional Center Library?

Summer is actually one of the busiest times for the librarians and staff at the PCL. Of course, we are here year round to help students and faculty with on-going research & study. If you’ve got a legal question, feel free to contact us for assistance, no matter where you are. Librarians can recommend good internet sources for research or help you find a nearby library that you can access. In addition, summertime means project time – all of those ideas we come up with during the year but don’t have a chance to implement.

This summer we’ll be working on our social media portfolio – improving this blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter (@wfupcl) presences; writing a slew of research guides and bibliographies to help our users find some great library resources that may have been overlooked; attending and presenting at conferences to gather and share new ideas from around the library world; and working to improve soft seating & electrical outlet availability in the library. Hopefully our summer efforts will make for an improved library and law school when you return in the fall!

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