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What’s for lunch?

At some point during your time at the Law School, you’re going to think “There’s no food here!” It’s a common complaint, and we’ve all done it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking the only places to eat are the vending machines on the first floor and the lunch cart in the Babcock lounge. But it’s not actually true. There are several places on campus to eat, and even a couple in Reynolda Village that are still within walking distance. If you’re willing to get in the car, there are actually quite a few places to grab lunch nearby.

For your convenience – here’s a map! Click on any of the blue targets to see what the restaurant is, drag around the map to explore further off campus, and click “View Larger Map” for the full list.

And for those times when you’re working so hard you need something faster, try ordering online for pickup or delivery, using a service like CampusFood or a chain’s website/app. (Papa John’s is easy to use, but Domino’s has a “tracking feature” that could make for a good procrastination “tool.”) You’ll want to order before you get hungry, though – in my experience ordering online for delivery usually takes around 40 minutes.

Bon appétit!*

* But not in the library, please.

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