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Rethinking the Constitution

Lets have a little fun with some modern takes on the Constitution and its Amendments, in honor of Constitution Day 2011, of course.

“Let’s be positive rather than contrary and name the new document, The Prostitution!” The Daily Show Rewrites the Constitution.  Be warned, this clip is kind of an edgy take of constitutional rights.

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You’re Welcome – Constitutional Crisis
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Anyone else have to memorize and recite the Preamble of the Constitution in elementary/middle/high school? If so, was it as painful for you as it is for Barney Fife?

Looking for some political satire? You need to take a break and watch the series, Prescott Place.  In this episode, Councilman Yammersen First Amendment, takes a critical look at the politics of a smalltown, anywhere USA. So, “if you miss the cutting comedy style of Monty Python, then check out Prescott Place. Political satire with a bite, this animated cartoon series is loosely based on and inspired by Peyton Place, USA.”  Another take on the 1st Amendment and its modern implications, is the TV series, Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand Up, on Starz.  One of the comedians chosen to perform during the premiere episode was Dick Gregory and here is his response to “questions about ‘white folk problems’.”

Where did I get all these videos? Well for that, I plead the fifth.  Just like Dave Chappelle.

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