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Wintery Reads: Book Recommendations for Winter Break

It is almost that time.  Yes, that time you can put away your case books, statutory supplements, and study aids.  Yes, that time that your brain gets a rest from reading judicial opinions and statutory construction.  Yes, that time that your laptop will be used for more than creating outlines and compiling class notes.  Yes, that time that you can read for fun!

Reading for fun, what a luxury?!  Well if you want to dive back into the words of your favorite author, whether it be the adventures of the bounty hunters created by Janet Evanovich or the real-life tales of Kendra Wilkinson, it’s time. The PCL Staff would like to help point you in the direction of a few hot books to read over a not-so-hot winter break.

#1 Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City written by Nelson Johnson.  PCL team member, Gina Jarrett recommends this book, by saying that “this is the book that inspired the HBO series, ‘Boardwalk Empire.’  However, the book spans much more than just the time period that the show is set in: it’s beginnings as a Resort Town, its rise and fall into seediness, and rebirth under The Donald’s (Trump) leadership.  Very interesting for those who like history-type of stuff, or want to learn more about the history of the real city.  It’s also good reading for those folks who are fans of the show.  However, it’s important to note that the book is nowhere near as violent as the show.  But a fun read, nevertheless!”

#2: Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson.  Bob Herbert, PCL team member, denotes this book as “the definitive autobiography of Steve Job” and “a must read” for this holiday season.

#3: The Margaret Maron & Deborah Knott series available at ZSR recommended by PCL team member, Sally Irvin.  Maron is a local North Carolinian author that sets all of her Judge Deborah Knott novels in North Carolina locales from Murphy to Manteo.  Just in case you aren’t familiar with the Maron & Knott series and want to start from the beginning, here is a chronology of all the titles:

Stay tuned for more book recommendations from the PCL as Winter Break quickly approaches, and feel free to leave your suggestions here as well!

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