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Sometimes it is Easy Being Green: Simple Sustainability

With all due respect to my favorite amphibian, Kermit the Frog, sometimes it is not that hard to be green.  Once thought to be only for “crunchy” hippie types, reusing, re-purposing, and recycling are not only trendy, but are becoming easier and easier to do as more businesses and workplaces implement sustainability strategies.  Even if you emphatically do not want to be considered a granola eating, earth-shoe wearing, tree huger, how hard is it to toss a can in the recycle bin, or take your used grocery sacks back to the store? Sometimes you even benefit directly from green actions; printing on both sides of the paper not only reduces the amount of paper used, it also reduces the size of the stack that you have to carry around.

Cut the pile in half; copy on both sides.

The University’s  Office of Sustainability supports student, faculty and staff groups in developing strategic initiatives for integrating principles of sustainability into university programs, and “work[s] to develop connections with…local and regional community representatives.”  This broad mission encompasses a wide variety of services, ranging from teaching and outreach to campus dining systems and energy conservation.  The Office of Sustainability also offers paid, project-based internships where students can gain experience working it the field of sustainability while helping the office accomplish its mission.   If you would like to know more about sustainability, both on campus and in the greater community,  visit the Resources page for links to the Campus Green Guide, and to sustainability websites and blogs.

Not only is there an Office of Sustainability on campus but the University is home to  Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES).  Founded in 2010, CEES is an “interdisciplinary center that aims to promote critical thinking and effective action across the fields of Renewable Energy, Social Influence, Environment Policy, Enterprise, Environmental Markets, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services, and Human Behavior. … 60 faculty from 16 academic units across the university have come together with initiatives in Research and Scholarly Activities, Education, and Public Engagement. ”  One of the Law Schools recent graduates, Vanessa Zebrowski (’10) is currently working as a Sustainability Fellow.  Although working for the Center, Ms. Z  works from her office in the Professional Center Library as she develops a plan for a Masters level program in sustainability.

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