Libguides in the Limelight

What is a Libguide? LibGuides is the amazingly popular, easy-to-use, web 2.0 library knowledge sharing system. The PCL is beginning to use Libguides as a means to create attractive multimedia content, share knowledge and information, and promote library resources to the Wake Forest community. Specifically, we are taking our static, out-of-date research guides and transforming them into an interactive learning module for a variety of topics. We are hoping to provide Wake Forest School of Law faculty, staff and students an excellent starting point for all of their law school research and library needs at the stroke of a key.

When would you use a Libguide?  You might want to use our Citation 101 Libguide when you’re writing a paper, because this Libguide breaks down the Bluebook rules into a workable, easy-to-understand format.   Or maybe, you are looking for study aids that you can borrow from the library.  The PCL has two Libguides that you can reference – Help for First Year Courses and Law Study Aids.  If you’re writing paper on a North Carolina legal topic, or have to complete a North-Carolina specific assignment for a drafting class (i.e. drafting a pleading or memorandum), look to our Libguide on North Carolina Legal Research.  The North Carolina Legal Research Libguide is designed to provide you the context and foundation necessary to complete your North Carolina specific legal research, whether it be common law, statutory code, administrative regulations, practical forms, secondary sources, journals, or municipal ordinances.

What are some of the best features about Libguides? Libguides allows for student, faculty and public users to interactive with the web interface, meaning the users can actively view multimedia right off of the website.  For example, we have integrated relevant podcasts into subjects so that you can hear experts discuss that topic while you are researching on your own.  Additionally, our Libguides link directly out to the library catalog so you can quickly locate books and other materials within the PCL’s collection.  We also have search boxes that allow you to search GoogleScholar, GoogleBooks, the PCL catalog, and the ZSR journal databases.  All of these features are in the works, so go now and try Libguides out on your own.

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