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Sail on!

“To reach a port we must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it.  But we must not drift or lie at anchor.”  This is a quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes.  When I read this recently, it suddenly hit me that this sentiment not only applies to our individual lives, but also to the Professional Center Library.

Here in the PCL, we have recently been ‘soul searching’ as to what we are, and what we need to become for the future.  Often to drift or lie at anchor is much easier and more comfortable.  However, seeing the future as a ‘digital’ world, we have decided to point our ship in that direction.  But to reach our destination, we must first put up our sails and begin our journey.  As such, we are making strides to create for our patrons a library to meet future needs.  Sometimes determining what the future needs are for a digital library can be a bit tumultuous, as we are battered to and fro by the winds of change, opinion and budget.    Change is difficult in any organization, but can often be even more difficult in a staid subject such as law, which is rooted in books, hard copy and papers. But still we sail on toward our goal.  Opinion can vary from person to person, which puts a different spin on every idea, but the biggest battle to fight is usually budget.   We have all been hit by the slow economy, but a library’s budget is always a challenge, even in a stable economy.  But still we sail on toward acquiring more digital resources for our patrons, creating opportunities and spaces for digital research, and teaching our patrons how best to use these new resources.

So, sail on we must, lest we drift and become lost in a future digital world!

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