New Year’s Lists

With the start of a new year the media is featuring lists.  Lists of resolutions, lists of the best and worst (fill in the blank) of 2011, lists of what to expect in 2012.  So why should we fight the trend?   While lists such as the 2011 Weird Science Awards, Weirdest Fatwas of 2011Top 10 Barack Obama conspiracy theories of 2011, and Ten Weirdest Life-forms of 2011 may have a rather targeted audience or at least are not relevant to our lives (my apologies to anyone whose life does involve cricket testicles, raw yak meat, or cyclops sharks).  However, there are also some lists out there that that lawyers and law students might want to read.

Although not directly law related, Lake Superior State University’s annual list of Banished Words is important for anyone who makes a living by being a skilled communicator.  If your find it amazing that there could be some blowback if you use the word “ginormous,”  you might wish to consider updating your vocabulary.  Thanks in advance for considering this.

SC Magazine, a computer security publication, provides a number of lists for the New Year.  Among them is a list of the “top 8 legal actions” (assorted criminal activities) in the area of cyber security.

Other lists that you might wish to consider are the lists of new laws that begin on January 1st.  MSNBC pulled together a brief national overview of what they consider are the most interesting changes.  If you are wondering what will be the new laws in North Carolina you have the choice of a brief article or video or, for the diligent, you can take a look at a the entire list of laws that have gone into effect since July 2011, broken out by month.  Happy New Year, happy reading, and those of you who might look under 18, don’t forget to take identification with you when buying cold medication.

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