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Don’t let the Machines Win – (Part II) We took the stairs!

So, if you read Part I (Don’t let the Machines Win – Take the Stairs – April 25), you know that the staff of the Professional Center Library has been involved in a ‘competition’ or (as we called it) a Team Challenge.   The library staff was divided into two teams who were challenging each other to see who could take the most ‘steps’.  Ours was a two-fold purpose or goal of wellness and team building.

Six weeks ago, we all were given pedometers, and a spreadsheet on which we recorded daily the number of steps we had taken during that day.  We had a conversion chart, so that if any of us choose to participate in some other form of physical activity (besides walking) we could convert the time spent doing that activity into ‘steps’.  So if I went biking for 1 ½ hours, I was able to multiply the minutes I had spent cycling (90 minutes) by 116, which would give me an additional 10,440 steps! There are lots of other activities on the chart, like gardening,  roller skating, tennis, canoeing, chopping wood, or even waxing  the car.

So we’ve been in a friendly competition….of sorts.  Encouraging each other, but still trying to be the one who takes the most steps.

So how did we do?  Well, all together, both teams combined took a total of 6,058,088 steps.  This comes out to about 2297 miles, or the about distance to drive to Dallas, Texas, and back.  Or, a little more than the length of the entire Appalachian Trail, from Mt. Katahdin, Maine, to Springer Mountain, Georgia.

Well, we took a lot of steps, but how about our goals of wellness and team building? We had a number of staff members who had success stories to tell.  One told of having had 2 heart attacks 12 years ago and how the event had, until now, slowed her down.  Our Team Challenge encouraged her to start the No Boundaries training to begin preparing for a 5K.  Another told of making a lifestyle change of never sitting during commercials while watching television, choosing instead to run errands around the house, or simply run in place.  And another told of being motivated to start training for a Sprint Triathlon.  On the team building  goal, I think we had many opportunities to come together as teams to encourage one another and relate as team members.

So, are we there yet?  No, probably not.  But one step at a time towards our goal! We’ll keep stepping!

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