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Apple’s Big Announcement … What does it mean for legal publishing?

January 19, 2012 1 comment

With the announcement today that Apple will launch a new app that incorporates electronic textbooks on their iPad platform, what options does that leave for legal publishers?  Is it time for West and Lexis to make the move that other educational publishers already have?

How would a traditional casebook look on the iPad?  Maybe there would have portraits of the judges… or video of the oral arguments of the attorneys… or pleadings linking out to electronic filing systems … or… or… just imagine in the possibilities. Educate yourself. Change the Model. Learn more. Start the Conversation. iBooks for Textbooks … There’s Nothing Textbook About Them.

Government Information in the News

Government information is constantly making news, and many of the documents referred to are available online if you know where to look. Looking at the original documents being referenced allows you to draw your own conclusions and to evaluate the story you’re reading on a different level. Here’s a round up of several pieces of government information people have been talking about recently.

  • Many stories are based on proposed legislation, such as the this one about a rally by proponents of the DREAM Act.  Legislative information is some of the easiest to find.
  • Sometimes the government publication is the story itself. Recently released FEC statistics were the top story on Sunday, October 23’s Winston-Salem Journal. The FEC’s website ( provides reports of election fundraising by candidate, including local Congressman Mel Watt.
  • And sometimes the government information is buried in a larger story, as in this case, where a GAO report from 2010 regarding improperly received Social Security Disability Insurance benefits was referenced on the front page of the Winston-Salem Journal on Oct. 23.

Not all hot topics in the news are available online immediately, however. For instance, news about a Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommendation that boys be routinely vaccinated against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine is not yet on their website. From the looks of the listings currently online, it might be a month or two before it gets posted there (and here, for final recommendations).

Keep your eyes peeled & you’ll see government information everywhere!

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July 8, 2011 2 comments

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