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I know those books were here yesterday…

If you’ve been in the Professional Center Library in the last couple of days, you’ve probably noticed that we’re once again making some changes to the second floor. Don’t worry – there will be much less construction this year than last! Here’s a look at what will happen:

Right now, books are being shifted to clear out some space for future work. They’re also being reorganized, slightly. While in the past books on the second floor have been shelved purely by function, at the end of this project they’ll be in call number order – just like books on the first and ground floors. It turns out that they’ll be in a pretty similar order, so hopefully it won’t take too much getting used to.

The shelves that are getting cleared out are mostly those in front of the Reference Librarian offices. Those shelves will be removed, and the Reference Desk will be relocated to that area. The form books and the Reference section will be put in new shelving near the copiers on the second floor, and work tables will be shifted around.

In July, there will be some construction to change the configuration of Reference Coordinator Angie Hobbs’ office. She’ll be working out of the an office on the back wall, near the Reference Librarians (Room 2201D) temporarily, so stop by if you need something notarized. There will also be some touch up work to some of the walls throughout the library during that time.

We’re excited about what the changes mean for the library – a new look, better access to the reference librarians and materials easier to find. To keep you up to date, we are resurrecting our Twitter hashtag #newPCL from last summer. Follow us @wfupcl and find out what to expect on any particular day!

Beyond the Law: Pro Bono Is More Than Legal Services

November 18, 2011 Leave a comment

One might  think that with all the studying and work that there is to do at the Wake Forest School of Law, that people would not have time for anything else.  This is certainly not the case.  Not only do people at WFU Law make the time to do other things, they use this time to help others.  With the Thanksgiving season coming up fast, there are many examples of this  pro bono spirit.

Three of our student organizations, SBABLSA, and VALOR have joined together to spearhead the law school’s annual food drive.  Not only do participants get to enjoy “immunity” from being called on in class, they aid their class in competing for free coffee and donuts and, win or lose, all participants assist in providing food for the Winston-Salem  Samaritan Inn Soup Kitchen.  If you have forgotten to bring your canned goods to school, and you have to face a tough class, check the Professional Center Library’s Twitter account.   It MIGHT be a day that the Library is providing cans of food to students who know the secret password.

VALOR  also conducted a veteran’s awareness week that culminated on Saturday the 12th,  in the First Annual Veteran’s Day 5K run. Those who would like to know more take a look at   It was a brisk but beautiful day, in addition to an enthusiastic group of students, faculty and staff, and even members of the public, turned out to support the event.

Prof. Irwin-Smiler is congratulated after completing the 5K.


Not only do we have wonderful students, our staff has been doing a lot for those in need.  Our own Officer “D” and his wife are co-founders of Kids for Cancer, a foundation that raises money to support families whose children are battling cancer.  Motivated by their son Vinnie,who is fighting his own battle against cancer, they understand the many needs families might have.  The foundation tries to provide what is most needed, be it gas cards or help with medical bills to smaller shows of support in the form of  meals or toys.  The foundation also provides emotional support and helps parent to keep working and hoping for a cure.  Right now the Foundation is competing in the Pepsi Refresh Project, to win $50,000 for a down payment on a “Safe Haven Beach Home” for the use of the cancer patients and their families.  In order to win, the Foundation’s project must remain in the top 10 of the list of $50,000 projects, everyday during the month of November.  They were fluctuating between #9 and #11, and have recently risen to around #4.  You can help keep the votes high, particularly during that busy Thanksgiving weekend, simply by texting or with a couple of mouse clicks.

Those who frequent the 3rd floor lounge may have noticed a box for book donations.  One of our recent graduates, Shane Werley,  is now owner of  a used-book store, and has offered to sell  the books that we provide and donate 100% of the profits to the Kids of Childhood Cancer Foundation.  Ed Raliski is coordinating this effort, and has said to expect to see more of these boxes appear after Thanksgiving.  As you clean out your offices, desks, lockers, and book-bags, consider making a donation to a good cause while giving yourself the gift of having that much less to pack up at the end of the year.

#New PCL: The Finale

August 26, 2011 3 comments

Welcome to all of our new and returning students!  It’s hard to believe that everyone is already back and that summer is over, but we’re excited to welcome our largest class of 1Ls ever!  I’d like to say it has been a quiet summer without you, but alas, I cannot.  It has been quite a busy summer around here with lots of construction and changes within the library.

On the 2nd floor (main floor of the library) four new offices were constructed on the back wall where carrels once resided.  Our Reference Librarians (Eggert, Irwin-Smiler and our newest addition, Liz Johnson) now have office space there and are eager to have you stop by to see their new digs.   Angie Hobbs now has a new office in the Reference area, and six new offices were constructed on the third floor for our Law School Faculty.

For our students, we have created a number of new casual seating areas with electrical outlets available.  There are many new reading nooks’ where you can even turn on a lamp and get super cozy with your Torts textbook, or some other exciting reading material.


We have also have created a computer charging station just behind the Rotunda in the library where you can plug in your computer and lock it down while you go grab a Starbucks mid-afternoon wake-up coffee.  Additionally,we still have a great many carrels available for study, 8 of which may be checked out by students doing research for a ‘paper class’, working as a Research Assistant, or writing a journal article.

Some other changes you may notice (if you were here last year), is that we have added 2 more study tables just off the Rotunda of the library.  We have made electrical power available in many more locations with the addition of electric outlets, and/or power strips.

Lastly, we are in the process of relocating the Catalog computers on the Ground, 1st and 3rd floors.  The 3rd floor is complete with a Kiosk beside the copier/printer for easy access.  The Ground and 1st floors Kiosks will be similarly located near the elevator and copier/printers. We hope this will promote easier access to our catalog for all you bibliophiles out there!

You can look back at our changes on  Twitter (#newpcl), but we’d really love for you to stop by, take a look and check out our new space.


Where the Law Librarians Are.

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

While I doubt that it will ever become a hit movie, it could be a question that some of you might ask next week.  The answer is that many of our librarians will be in Philadelphia, at the annual Meeting and Conference of the American Association of Law Libraries.  You may comfort yourself with the knowledge that we will not be lounging on beaches, but instead will be attending meetings, programs, workshops, and roundtables in order to learn more about, technology useful to libraries, teaching,  social media, researching  specialized legal topic such as SEC and European Union law, and legal and library trends.  Those wanting to follow the PCL law librarians on Twitter can do so at #pclaall.  For those real fans of all things law library,  AALL has its own conference hashtag –  #aall11.

The meeting officially begins with an opening reception on the evening of  Saturday the 23rd but a number of pre-meeting workshops are offered for all or part of Saturday.   Attendees are not limited to both public a private academic law libraries but will include law firm  librarians, as well as law librarians  from county and court law libraries.  There are special meetings for each type of library as well as for different library specialties such as computers services, patron services teaching and cataloging.  There are also groups and activities for new librarians, middles managers and directors as well as for many special interests.  The meeting concludes for most with a Tuesday evening reception, although there will be some additional meetings and vendor activities on Wednesday, when most tired librarians will be heading home.

Not lounging on the beach.

Attending meetings & programs.

For anyone flying to conferences, or who are just taking that end of summer vacation, make sure you know what is and is not legal to do on a plane.  If you were planning on playfully pelting you flight attendant with the tiny bags of free (at least for now) peanuts and pretzels, be warned; that is “interference with a flight crew,” and your sky-high high jinks could result in your being “greeted” by the FBI upon landing.  For other rules of the sky that your flight attendant may not have delivered along with the oxygen mask instructions, visit’s funny yet informative blog series “Things You Can’t Do On A Plane.”

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